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Starting 2019

Rowing Together

2 days over two weekends

In the pursuit of certainty in an increasingly uncertain world, we are losing the art of respectful disagreement. It is a defence mechanism and it is undermining our relationships with the people that matter.

difference of opinion is taken as an attack on identity. Conversations are binary; questions rhetorical and more often simply statements that masquerade as  questions.

At the end of this course you will have the skills to discuss things that really matter with goodwill and discernment and retain your sense of self.

Details will be published 17 December 2018

For People at a Crossroads

2 days over two weekends

Are you at a loss on how to differentiate yourself in the job market?

You might even be rebooting your career or changing direction. This course will give you new skills that will enhance your employment prospects and add value to all areas of your life.

Details will be published 17 December 2018

For Carers and Next of Kin

1 day

Are you caring for someone in the evening of their life? Do you feel lonely or isolated because of disagreements or unwillingness to talk about important subjects? Perhaps you have a relative who will need more of your attention and that time is just around the corner. You may be very apprehensive about how other family members will behave. You may already be having arguments with family members about what will happen, how it can be achieved and who will do it. This time is a rich humus for disagreement and conflict which can have repercussions for a long time and cause further disputes down the line.

Details will be published 17 December 2018


What People Say…

An enhancing and life enriching experience.

Thank you for showing and teaching us the techniques but most of all the empathy.

It was a very useful course and we learned many new ways to express ourselves.

Really valuable experience. I now have knowledge, skills and motivation.

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