Online Mediation Skills Training

Up To 8 hours

This is a unique online skills simulation suitable for any professional interested in mediation and associated skills.  Over 6 hours fully interactive training with detailed coaching, assessment, feedback, reflections, documents and quiz. The closest thing to a real mediation.

Level - Beginner to Advanced

Whether you want to know how a mediation is conducted or how to deploy the skills of a mediator or improve your own mediation and negotiation skills, this course is for you.

Access for 1, 3 or 6 months

1 month access:     £79 plus VAT

3 months access: £119 plus VAT

6 months access: £199 plus VAT


“Effective and sensibly priced CPD. I would strongly recommend it.”

“The closest thing to a real mediation.”

“It is remarkable and so very much better than just watching a video of a mock mediation.”

“The learning tips in practice mode will help even an experienced mediator.”

Affordable and accessible

A subscription to suit your needs.

Access anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.


“Better than any other mediation-related audio-visual I have seen before.”

A professional, validated learning experience

A complete, scripted mediation acted by professional actors based on 2 years research into online skills teaching and supported by multi-award winning e-learning provider Empowertheuser.


Validated CPD. Certificate can be provided at the end of the  relevant subscription periods.

Each subscription is valid for one person and cannot be shared. If you are interested in multiple subscriptions, please use the form below to request a call and further information on pricing options.

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30 Days Access
Full access for 30 days
plus VAT

3 Months Access

Full access for 90 days
plus VAT
6 Months Access
Full access for 180 days
plus VAT
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