Mending What is Broken

£60.00 including VAT

Date:   20 August 2022

Time:   15:00 – 17:00 BST (GMT +1)

Place:   Zoom – your link will be sent to you after booking.

In this two-hour webinar, you will learn the skills and approaches you can use to engage people in restoring relationships at work and at home.

This course is designed for
   ✓ Anyone coping with broken relationships at work and at home.
   ✓ People Operations and HR Professionals

This course takes the philosophy behind kintsugi and applies it to relationships. Kintsugi is the Japanese craft of mending broken ceramics (and glass) and embellishing the cracks with gold or other precious metals. The process honours the imperfections and the history of the piece. Nothing goes to waste.

The brokenness that you might be experiencing can be either a disagreement at work or at home or it might be that you have lost someone or something you cherished and you are living through the feelings that follow.

You will be invited to bring a broken pot. It can be any damaged pot that speaks to you in some way.

As you learn how to repair the pot, you will also learn skills to address disagreements or deal with sadness and loss and how to establish effective boundaries for your relationship in the future.

This course is not professional therapy. The conversations, insights and skills might be therapeutic in helping you come to terms with the loss of something or someone you value.

Like a pot repaired using the kintsugi process, if you invest time in the 'repair' then the pot is stronger than it was before.

In this two-hour webinar, you will learn

  • a simple method for mending a broken pot
  • approaches for understanding why the relationship has broken down
  • how to establish boundaries
  • the value of acceptance
  • how to generate trust in your decisions.

The webinar format will allow you to fully participate without revealing your identity. Your questions and insights will be collected via the Q&A and dealt with on a confidential basis. Chatham House Rule applies.