About Mediation

Why it works


The Process

In the hands of a seasoned professional the process works very well. It can be tailored to the people and the problem. With the advent of reliable and secure video conferencing at an affordable price, there are many more options for managing the process so that the parties get the best chance of a negotiated settlement.


One of the pillars of successful mediation is that people can speak freely without fear of either their words or their behaviour being shared with the wider world. There are two levels of confidentiality in mediation: the process and the conversations the parties and their advisers have with the mediator.

Location to Suit the Parties

Jurisdiction is not an issue in where the mediation takes place. Parties can meet anywhere in the world to resolve their disagreements. .

Without Prejudice

The ‘without prejudice’ status of a mediation allows the parties to share ideas and build options. The clarity of this status provides certainty that ideas are not received as offers and demands are not conveyed as threats.

Cost Effective

Matters that might take a week or 10 days at trial can be settled in one day. Having the decision makers in the same place at the same time talking about the same thing is priceless.
About Mediation

Process Design

One size doesn’t fit all

Designing the process to fit the people and the problem

Option 1


Includes up to 4 hours preparation, 1 day mediation and reasonable follow-up.

Appropriate for: commercial cases

Option 3


Includes up to 10 hours preparation, half-day mediation to narrow issues, follow-up and further 1 day mediation.

Appropriate for: complex commercial cases, multi-party disputes, construction projects and disputes involving interest groups and unions.

Option 2

1 DAY preparation Plus 1 day mediation

Includes up to 10 hours preparation, 1 day mediation and reasonable follow-up.

Appropriate for: commercial cases and employment cases

Option 4

open space

Includes up to 10 hours preparation, 1 day Open Space and 1 day follow-up.

Appropriate for:¬†groups from 6 to 100’s. Suitable for complex problem solving, designing strategy and plans, multi-layered teams and disputes between departments.

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