Amanda Bucklow and Charles Middleton-Smith have a long established training partnership. They have trained 1200 mediators all over the world.

They are very experienced commercial mediators and between them, they have mediated cases in almost every area of commercial, civil and employment claims and many cases not in litigation.

Joanne Cartwright, Manager People Director

Very calm, very intelligent and charismatic individuals.  Could sit and listen to your stories for ages – thank you!

Andrew Cross, ex HMPS, Independent Consultant

A life changing course whether you enter the field of mediation or not. Understanding our own and others motivation is a building block for all of our interactions from this point on.

Fred Surmelian, ex-President Construction Claims and Consulting Group

If you are considering mediation training, Amanda and Charles are the standard against which others should be judged.

Natasha Apostolidi, Mediator and Lawyer

Experienced trainers, each one with their own style, they complimented each other while teaching the group. Vivid, straightforward, inspiring, innovative; these are the traits I picked from Amanda. And about Charles: accurate, phlegmatic, attentive to details, economical with words.

Hon. Justice Hatari P. G. Waweru, High Court Judge, Judiciary of Kenya

Dispute resolution of any kind must necesarily include mediation. It is a way of life, in use all the time. It is a social skill that comes in handy in all situations.

Carmella Cooper-Colonneaux, Lawyer, Bahamas

The course was informative and valuable. The pace was intense but not in a manner in which one felt left behind. The course was well structured and it showed that a lot of preparation took place beforehand.

Lesley Stephenson, Rail Registrar

Amanda and Charles have a wonderfully engaging style of joint presentation. Beautifully complement each other and never a dull moment. Their delivery style makes it sink in!

Michael Toote, Religious Leader

Both were entirely devoid of biases notwithstanding their cultural European backgrounds; embedding their dual intellectual skills into every session with ease and inevitable good will, creating a most effective learning environment.

Martin Havelock, ex-HR Director, full-time mediator

It is impossible to imagine better presenters or more credible professional tutors. Not a single boring moment! Excellent combination of personalities and styles. Strongly inclusive with a variety of different participants.

Michael Filipidis, Lawyer and Mediator, Greece

Truly exceptional. The course acted like a magnet from the very first moment. The spirit of cooperation and mutual support was obvious and the desired outcome was achieved. Each tutor has their own character and personality, crystal clear, so that the mediation is the protagonist.
Trees with Sunlight

Mediation is a Core Business Process

Our foundation training includes the basic commercial mediation training and expands it to include workplace, teams and projects so that your training is relevant to where you are right now and prepares you in developing a full-time commercial, civil or workplace practice if that is where your ambitions lie.

We focus on interpersonal skills, process design and negotiation skills.

Mediation and structured negotiation are core business processes which accelerate the route to settlement, conserve resources and preserve important relationships. The intervention of a skilled mediator makes all the difference in terms of speed, cost and outcome. The benefits sit right on the bottom line of any business, small or large.

Amanda Bucklow

Charles Middleton-Smith

Course Director – Amanda Bucklow

Co-director – Charles Middleton-Smith


  • Over 1200 mediators trained. 10 Accredited tutors.
  • 2022 Consultancy and content for an online continuous professional development course produced in partnership with Kenyan mediators.
  • 2021 Mediator for Business (MfB): Redesigned the foundation mediation skills course from the ground up. This is a hybrid course (online and in person) which takes account of the increase in remote mediation and the greater flexibility that offers parties. It is an accredited course for Commercial, Civil and Workplace Mediation.
  • 2014 – 2020 Director of Mediation Training for Strathmore Dispute Resolution Centre, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 2014: Designed and scripted the first online fully immersive mediation training simulation which was used as part of the assessment and to support students in their ongoing studies. The simulation was developed with leading e-learning platform providers The course is now retired.
  • 2008 – 2014 Training and accreditation for mediation training to the Athens Bar, Greece. Trained in English with simultaneous translation into Greek.
  • Experienced facilitators of learning and problem solving. Amanda has managed groups of up to 300 people.
  • 2010 – 2014 Designed and delivered commercial mediation training for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
  • 2002 – 2003 Designed and delivered pioneering risk assessment and conflict resolution competency for railway engineers to reduce track fatalities and improve the efficiencies within the supply chain. Competency approved by HSE.
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