Mediation Skills Training

48 hours

This is a unique course which combines training in commercial and workplace mediation.

On successful completion of the optional Assessment Course, participants will be accredited as a civil and commercial mediator and a workplace mediator.

Level - Foundation

The course comprises the skills and practices required to meet the highest standards of international accreditation.

Civil Mediation Council Registered Course

Classes Start 2 November 2021

The course comprises 10 online classes spaced over 5 weeks allowing you absorb and practice the skills as you progress.

Access world class mediation skills training from wherever you are.


Mediation Training and Assessment

Tuesday, Thursday, 9:00 am – 2:30 pm GMT

5 week course

The course is structured to provide the maximum opportunity for participants to absorb the teaching and to practise the skills. In between classes, you will be invited to spend time on exercises to support the skills you have learned so far.

£2250 + VAT

Test Mode

December 2021 dates to be confirmed

2 Days – 1 Day online and 1 Day in person

Day 1 – online – refresher and preparation for in-person assessment.

Day 2 – London – in-person assessment day

£1250 + VAT

Test Mode



Foundation Course - Commercial, Civil and Workplace


  • 48 hours teaching, role play and coaching
  • Pre-course self-assessment questionnaire
  • Course materials
  • Access to password protected web page for additional materials
  • Post-course self-assessment questionnaire
  • E-book of course materials with navigation

Not included

  • Assessment

On successful completion – Accredited BDR Mediator


  • in-person assessment (London)
  • online practice session
  • Cost of verification by Civil Mediation Council
  • Personal feedback


Course Objectives & Outcomes


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Mediation Skills Upgrade

Skills Upgrade

Online – 6 sessions – 2 hours

Amanda Bucklow and Charles Middleton-Smith will host six weekly sessions of training and experience review to support practising mediators upgrade their skills and practice to meet the commercial and workplace challenges we face, right now.

Each session will last 2 hours split broadly into an hour of teaching on the topic and an hour of discussion about the challenges and experience of the participants in relation to that topic. There will be a short break between each part of the course of around 10 minutes.


Individual Courses £60 inc VAT

All 6 Courses £300 inc VAT

Skills Upgrade


11 October 2021 – Negotiation Skills

18 October 2021 – Getting people to the table

1 November 2021 – Making the most of the joint session

8 November 2021 – Preparation

15 November 2021 – What if it doesn’t settle?

22 November 2021 – Mediation skills as leadership skills

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What Our Students Say

If you want to learn the skills of a mediator this is the only course to do. You can’t learn these skills from books or PowerPoint. You need to be trained by experts and Amanda and Charles are experts in their field.

I enjoyed the course very much. I found the content very pertinent to my professional life (aside from mediation). I like the pace and atmosphere. I had reservations about how you would need 5 days and the role play but would now say the role plays are very helpful. And 5 days are required to cover the material as well as we did.

The trainers were always well prepared. They complemented each other well. As they were faced with the daily challenges of moderating our group it was quite obvious that they must make excellent mediators.

They have both been very engaging and they carry out the course in such a way that they are complementing each other. Perfect teaching, excellent approach to the whole lot of us, I could not have expected anything more and there was nothing that I’d rather have had in a different way. Additionally, not telling us what follows next but rather ‘living the moment’ made it all the more interesting.

I was reading the material you sent before we attended the course, and where it said “it’s going to be a very challenging course” I though something along the lines of “yeah right!” But honestly, it has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Even if I don’t end up practising mediation (which I’m now convinced this is what I want to do,) I have learnt some very useful skills that will help me both in my personal and professional life.

Such seamless, informal yet professional presentation must be extremely hard work and is a wonder to behold. Thank you.

Both Amanda and Charles provided great experience and gave advice in a very positive way. They are also very entertaining.

The best! Great contrast in personalities that work, almost effortlessly, in providing unique insights into the process of mediation.

Insights gained from trainers based on their extensive experience and research into the subject. If you are considering mediation training, Amanda (Bucklow) and Charles (Middleton-Smith) are the standard against which others should be judged.



An unfailing sense of quality about the whole experience – well worth attending.



Exceeded all expectations. It is day 5 and not only am I sad it is the end of the course but could have very happily continued for weeks more! Interesting, varied, interactive, inspirational. I liked the fact that the case studies were a challenge rather than too easy.



Came personally recommended and again, exceeded all expectations. Incredibly professional, interesting, very knowledgeable, personable, very patient (with all my questions!) 

Consultant Solicitor


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